1. Who is Sole Survivor Pools.com (SSP) - Sole Survivor Pools.com is a website that offers Survivor Pool contests to the general public worldwide. SSP is owned and created by Sports Business Interactive LLC of Nevis, West Indies. SSP is operated by Sports Business Interactive LLC in conjunction with it's Canadian subsidiary CI Fantasy Sports, and Cornerstone International. In providing survivor pools worldwide, we create, manage and maintain all aspects of the contest, privacy, and legislation of the products we offer.



2. Who is Sports Business Interactive LLC. (SBI) - We are a Sports Entertainment organization that evolved from a sports and concert production company. In 2001 we moved our focus from the production/promotion of sports and concerts entertainment, to Fantasy Sports. We started by providing sports contests for newspaper publications in Canada, and then broadened our reach into consumer contests in the UK, Europe and North America. We continue to operate all aspects of our fantasy sports business, as well as reaching into other genre's of the industry.



3. How do I register for a contest? - To register for a contest you must first create a profile on our website. Once you have created a profile (a profile only requires that you use an email address, and you create a unique username and password combination), you will then be able to register for a contest by simply requesting to enter and then making the appropriate entry payment for each entry into the specific contest you wish. You may pay for that entry via a credit card or debit card through our eCommerce solution through Paypal. You may enter a contest as many times as you feel you wish to enter. Specific rules and regulations apply to each contest, please make sure to review them, the privacy policy, and the Terms of Service of this website.



4. How secure is my entry payment? All payments will be processed through a 228 bit encryption through a Paypal Secure Socket Layer website page (SSL). You Credit and debit card information will be encrypted during the transaction and we do not collect this information or store it so your credit information is very secure. Your payment will be collected by our CI Fantasy Sports account and credited to this contest. Your Payment information will say CI Fantasy Sports.



5. How will Winners be paid? Winners will be paid in each contest within 30 days of the final day of the contest. We take those 30 days to verify the winners and the winners choice of payment method. Winner payment methods are 1. Paypal payment direct to your paypal account, or email address. No processing fee's  2. Direct Money Transfer to your bank account ($100.00 USD processing fee and the actual bank charges will be charged to the contestants and will be removed from the net payment to the contestant) 3. A cheque or money order payment sent via the mail ($100.00 USD processing fee for all non paypal payments and fee's will be removed from the net payment to the contestant).



If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at support. Email us at support@solesurvivorpools.com